What’s occurring today? Not enough things!

And for my first trick, a blog post with little direction and pre-planning. What a fuckin’ pro eh? Really nailed the opening with this one.

One of the real issues that I feel faces me currently is a simple one, one that often goes unnoticed by the masses, yet it has terrorised man for eternity. This unbeatable terror that runs amock below the noses of humanity?

There’s not enough bloody hours in the day!

Time, don’t you run from me! Get back here, you little shit!

Yes, my life is one of simple problems at the moment. There’s just not enough hours in the day and that seriously frustrates me to no end! There are a lot of things I’d like to do with my days; I like to write, I like to hang out with people, I want to play games, improve my studies, practice guitar, sing, dance, everything!

The problem lies in that I wake up, still half tired and cursing the morning sun drifting through my curtains, flipping my alarm clock the goldfinger and rolling over. Granted that’s my own problem, but it means I get the sleep I need. Ah but I have conquered that hurdle! I shall merely sleep less! But then I’m too tired to function properly or stay up as long… but I can drink coffee! Aha, that will keep me awake…. until I drink so much coffee that caffeine becomes pretty much immunised and does nothing. Well shit, look likes I’m going to spend 1/3 of my life time asleep, aint that just swell?

The issue of wanting to do so many things in life is how to structure them. How long can I spend playing guitar in my day to both enjoy it and not feel like I’m missing out on other areas. I like to read, and write too, how can I practice one thing to the fullest without failing in other areas. It’s a real catch 22, the time we have has to be divided, work, sleep, learning and fun. We just can’t have everything. Why can’t time just pass a little slower for me, I command it!

If only David…
Oh if only…

I will admit, maybe it’s a bit of a first world problem “woe is, I have too many options in my life and not enough time to do them” but I’d say it’s a valid problem for anybody. Time is the great enemy in our lives, we ourselves are on a timer and it can be difficult to truly appreciate how best to use the limited time on this earth we have. Nobody wants to be on their deathbed and think they wasted their time. Shit did this get morbid or what? I was just moaning about not being able to sleep in and now I’m lamenting the fleeting experience of life.

Time is the great enemy and it’s just impossible to experience everything life has to offer in the limited window we have available, but what can we do eh? Answers on a postcard my friends.


Eh up world!

So… what’s going on in this neck of the woods huh?

What’s the goal of this page? What is my theme? My motivation? What is it that gets me up in the morning and dancing across this keyboard? Well I shall tell you the tale… when I have half a clue myself.

Writing is something I love, not something I do nearly enough but something I love nonetheless. Equally my thoughts and honest feelings are something I do not always love to put to words, sometimes I even struggle to do so, but really should more often than I do.

So here we go kids, let’s go on an adventure and share some sappy stories about love, loss, pain and near-death-experiences via dodgy Indian food.